Found out yesterday that I am a finalist in Concrete Playground’s competition to find NZs next blogger!!!
Thank you to the amazing people who nominated me.
Voting starts on Thursday 24th November.

Proper post coming tomorrow, promise!

N x

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Hello Sunshine

All this sunshine is getting me on the Summer buzz!

I’ve been ridiculously busy so haven’t had time to post…LOTS to tell you about.
Had a birthday spray-tan with Chelsea from Face & Body last Friday and I seriously don’t know how I’m going to go back to the colour I was! Had so many compliments over the weekend, would definitely recommend heading to their Facebook page and booking in for your next event, $49 for whole body and mine is still going strong.

If you’re looking for a self-tan that you can apply yourself, my favourite at the moment is Joyce Blok Auto Bronzing Cream, it’s quite expensive but can be used over the whole body including the face.  Contact me for a stockist. I use Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion to keep my skin hydrated and help my tan last longer, the cream isn’t too heavy or highly perfumed, perfect for daily use. I still use my body oil in the evenings after showering.

Last weekend was my birthday so I headed to MAC to get my makeup done, I love getting someone else to do my makeup to pick up new tricks, it also forces me to try something new, far too easy to get stuck in a makeup rut. $90 for a 1hour makeover which is then redeemable on any product you purchase so if you know you’re going to be spending over $90 then you may as well book in, I had mine done with Kate at Smith & Caugheys, Newmarket and would highly recommend her.
Ended up buying Fusion Pink lipstick and Lightscapade Skin Finish Highlighter which are both limited edition, Lightscapade is absolutely amazing over cheeks, nose, forehead and under the arch of eyebrow. Both should be good purchases for summer skin.

Popped back into MAC a week later and repurchased their Strobe Cream…an old fave! But also picked up their foundation, Studio Fix Fluid, which I’ve never tried before. It’s a natural matte finish so not shiny on the skin but gives a great natural glow. The buildable coverage means you can use sparingly during the day and then increase coverage for evenings. Lasts up to 8hours and is SPF15. Wore it for the first time over the weekend and got a handful of compliments! Bonus!

Hair care obsession at the moment is Sebastian Penetraitt, most amazing hair mask I’ve ever used! It’s a light cream formula which smells good enough to eat. I use it every time I wash my hair instead of using a conditioner, repairs and strengthens hair that has been previously damaged (oops!)  Have also been using Sebastian Liquid Gloss for smoothing any frizziness after styling, only need a tiny drop for my ends.

Thank you to my girls, Carrie and Amy, who flew from Sydney for my birthday and bought me these AH-mazing Sass & Bide Earrings…head over fricken heels!

Bring on Summer!

N x

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Can’t get enough of this look!!!
Recreate with liquid eyeliner and false lashes.


You will need:
Concealer, Neutral eyeshadow, Black Liquid Eyeliner, Mascara,
False Lashes, Lash Glue, Tweezers, Scissors, Cotton tips.

1. Apply concealer to the eye area using your finger to blend.

2. Follow with neutral eye shadow, using a large eye shadow brush.

3. Place your finger on the outer corner of your eye and gently pull to the side to flatten the lashline.

4. Start lining your eye from halfway, staying close to the lashline and continuing out to form “wings.”

5. Once you’ve created this base line you can continue adding to it to perfect the look, getting closer and closer to the inner corner of your eye.

TIP: Tilt your head back and keep your eyes slightly open so you can see what you’re doing.

6. Once liner has dried, apply mascara to top and bottom lashes using a zig-zag motion, this will help prevent clumping. Make sure you coat on top of your top lashes as eyeshadow may be sitting there.

7. After the mascara has dried you can apply false lashes. If your falsies are new, hold them against your own lash-line to see if they need to be trimmed to fit, cut them from the outside.

8. Get your lash glue and squeeze a 3cm line across the back of your left hand (right if you’re left-handed).

9. Pick up one of your false lashes with tweezers and dip into the glue so the base is completely submerged.

10. Place lash as close to your natural lashline as possible starting from the inner corner of your eye. Use the opposite end of your tweezers to press falsies down into lashline. 

TIP: The majority of the time my false lashes will start coming off on both ends so I use the opposite end of my tweezers to get, and place, a tiny amount of glue under those ends and press down again for at least 5 seconds.

11. Once completed, apply one last swish of liquid liner to disguise false lashes.

12. Use cotton tips to perfect liner and remove mascara smudges.

  • Concealer – YSL, Touche Eclat
  • Eyeshadow – MAC, Bisque
  • Liquid Eyeliner – Chanel, Ecriture de Chanel
  • Mascara – Dior, Extase
  • False Lashes – MAC
  • Lash Glue – Duo Adhesive (purchased at MAC)
  • Tweezers – Manicare

Remember that using liquid eyeliner takes practise so don’t give up on your first attempt.
The Chanel liquid liner I’ve mentioned is great for newbies, it’s easy to use and is very long-lasting. Approx $60NZD but keeps for 6 months minimum.

Feel free to post or email me with any questions.
N x


photos courtesy of google,

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all things NEON

I’m loving the hint of neon that’s floating around at the moment!
While on my recent trip to Sydney I picked up some American Apparel NEON nail polish in yellow, $12 AUD. Doesn’t look so fabulous on my practically translucent skin, but I’ll be rocking it once I’ve got a tan. Heading over to Brisbane next weekend so may have to check out the other colours. My previous experience with American Apparel nail polish has been beyond great, long lasting with just enough shine. Proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great product.

Bring on Summer!

N x

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I love Sebastian

New hair care obsession, Sebastian Professional.

What I love the most about these products is that the majority of them you can use on damp OR dry hair. I always forget to use my products, blow-dry my hair, and then decide it needs to be tamed/volumized!

I’ve just had my balayage redone so I’ve been using Hydre twice weekly on my ends to keep them hydrated, it works an absolute treat, makes my hair feel and smell great too!

My other favourite is Trilliant thermal protection and shimmer complex, spray in your hair before applying heat, the shimmer complex gives your hair a beautiful shine after styling! Everybody loves a two-in-one product!

Sebastian Professional is salon sold so you wont find it at the supermarket, head to to find your closest stockist!

N x

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For the boys


If you’re on the hunt for a new fragrance then this has to be the sexiest scent out there.
When I worked for Chanel I use to spray this around my counter and watch the women flock. It was by far our most popular mens fragrance, bought by women, for their partners.

This fragrance is potent and therefore long-lasting on the skin.

Also comes in a stick deodorant and aftershave moisturiser which is perfect for layering the scent and making it last even longer.

N x

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bouquet of deliciousness

I’ve been wanting a perfume that I can just throw in my handbag for quite some time because there’s nothing worse than leaving the house without any on!

The Body Shop does mini eau de toilette perfumes for $33 NZD and I’ve absolutely fallen for the Neroli and Jasmin. It’s so freakin delish, a ‘warm/sexy’ fragrance with a vanilla base, reminds me of Burberry Brit.

Because they are eau de toilette, and therefore diluted with water, they aren’t going to last on the skin as well as an eau de perfume but perfect for a top-up while you’re out and about!

N x

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