The eyes have it

Wow! I’ve been so useless at posting, have been busy with summer school, exams, first semester and work.

I have rediscovered an old fave…the eyelash curler! Perfect during the day for a natural look or to finish off evening make-up. Use your eyelash curler before applying any mascara, using it after applying mascara will cause breakage. My beauty therapist, Chelsea, taught me a little trick..heat your curlers with a hairdryer before using them. Doing this makes the curl in your lashes last longer, kind of like using a GHD on your hair. Make sure your curlers aren’t too hot before you start using them, you don’t want to burn your eyelids!

I’m heading to California next month for Coachella Festival with 3 of my girlfriends, heading to LA first then to San Fran, Vegas, down to Palm Springs for the festival and lastly to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a relax. Can’t wait to head to their department stores and stock up on make-up. MAC is ridiculously cheap over there so have been scraping the bottom of every bottle! Will post photos of the trip once I’m back.
Florence, Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg, David Guetta, The Weeknd, The Black Keys etc etc.
35 days to go! WHAT TO WEAR?!

I’m currently trying RapidLash which promises to increase thickness, volume and curl in 3-4 weeks! I apply it once a day in the evening on clean lashes. Have taken a before picture so will do a post in 4 weeks time to show you the results!

Enjoy your weekend…I know I will!

N x

pics from google, theyallhateus, brightlightsandcityhypes


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I have been in the cosmetics industry since 2003 working for such brands as Estee Lauder and Chanel, and have an absolute passion for cosmetics. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Commerce and doing a short course in Magazine Feature Writing. This blog is designed to post up to date information on cosmetic trends, upcoming collections and classic tips and tricks. Feel free to email me with any questions/comments. Natasha x
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