Open your eyes

All I’ve ever wanted is thick, curled eyelashes! Two of my gorgeous besties have amazing lashes and I’m constantly lusting over them in jealously.

If you’re like me and have fairly straight lashes then all you need is a basic eyelash curler, you can get one from most cosmetic counters or head to your local Pharmacy to grab a cheapo, Manicare does one for $13 NZD.

Tip: Curl the lash in three places, firstly at the base of the lash, secondly midway and thirdly at the very tip of your lashes. This will look create a natural curve rather than a kink.
Always curl your lashes before applying mascara, using your curler on top of mascara will be damaging and can cause breakage!!

N x


About natwalsh7

I have been in the cosmetics industry since 2003 working for such brands as Estee Lauder and Chanel, and have an absolute passion for cosmetics. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Commerce and doing a short course in Magazine Feature Writing. This blog is designed to post up to date information on cosmetic trends, upcoming collections and classic tips and tricks. Feel free to email me with any questions/comments. Natasha x
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